Friday, June 30, 2017

Key Rehashed

"We can't let anything get into the wrong hands," Brian said as he reached for her pendant. He studied it for a moment, then let it drop.

Amanda knew what he was insinuating. "Zenthan had assured me that I would survive," Amanda said, devoid of emotion.

"What if he's wrong?" Brian asked.

"I don't think he has ever been wrong," Amanda said, "Even if he was, I don't think I would care, either way, I will be dead."

Amanda woke up and sighed.

Zenthan, she thought as she grabbed her necklace and looked at it. Zenthan was an artificial intelligence computer that she created years ago. The same AI that designed the warship that would eventually save her life in one last explosion.

Then Amanda looked around her and realized that she was still on the boat. She knew she slept for a few days, so by now, she should be in a hospital or at the very least a hotel. She figured she would know sooner or later.

"The key," she thought. "They have no clue."

"How long have you been awake?" Todd asked from the door.

Amanda jerked her head up. She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice Todd until he said something.

Todd stepped into the room for a moment and stopped.

They looked at each other for a moment. Finally, Amanda got out of bed, practically leaped over to Todd and threw her arms around him. He wrapped his arms around her.

"So you aren't angry?" He whispered.

"In short, no," Amanda responded, "I didn't know then what I know now."

She could feel Todd's relief.

Someone approached them and cleared his throat.

"Hello, Todd, Amanda," The man said, "I'm Master Chief Taylor. There is something I need to know."

Todd and Amanda looked at him but didn't let go of each other. He was an older gentleman, dressed in his well-decorated officer's Uniform.

Todd looked at Amanda in her eyes and said, "Do you remember what happened to Zenthan?"

She had a hard time bringing herself to say it.

"He's - " Amanda started, "He's gone, destroyed."

"My life's work," She said weakly. She noticed that the officer appeared to be relieved.

"Both Roger and Brian were all in a tiff over it." The officer said. "They were implying that the weapon could destroy an entire planet."  He laughed as if to dismiss the idea.

"Well, theoretically, it could," Amanda said flatly.

The Officer stopped smiling.

"Well," he said, "I'm glad that is no longer a problem anymore." Then he changed the subject. "You will be in the conference room in 10 minutes, right?"

Todd nodded.

"Yeah, we'll be there," Todd said.
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