Saturday, June 24, 2017


 "Why? Why would you do such a thing?!" Amanda yelled at Roger.

"Do you realize what is going on?!" Roger yelled back and pointed to the door. "He's giving away our city!"

"You think we will exist long enough to hold onto it?" Amanda asked.

"Who do you think has caused our demise?" Roger asked quietly.

Amanda sighed. "You are reformable, but I was told to sentence you to treason and execution."

Roger sat down. "The counsel?"

Amanda nodded. "They're afraid," She said, "It's why you couldn't get support."

"What are you going to do?" Roger asked.

"I will go to the counsel for banishment," Amanda said and held up her hand to stop Roger from responding, "There's a place you can go that seems to be ideal for us. I recommend you head that way."

"What? You are not going to do anything?"

"Todd's right," Amanda said, "Things are already in motion. There's no stopping what is coming now."

At that moment, something grabbed Amanda and pulled her away. The images around her began to distort and bend. She knew something was wrong and began to struggle to keep the images.  Roger reached through the distortion and grabbed her hand.

Amanda woke up gasping for breath. She was still on the floor. Roger was holding her up with one arm while grasping her hand with the other.

"Wait," an unfamiliar voice said, "You can bring people back from the dead?"

"I wasn't dead," Amanda still gasping for air, "yet."

She looked at Roger who put his forehead to hers. Just behind Roger, she saw Todd. He looked relieved but didn't say anything.

"She'll need someone to carry her," Roger said.

"I got it," one of the soldiers said. He pushed past the other men. Roger put Amanda down and got up. The soldier picked Amanda up and headed out the door.

They were going home.

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