Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Culprit

There was a long awkward silence. Amanda was too weak to speak. Roger seemed to be waiting for something. He stood by Amanda, leaning on the table facing the door.

Suddenly, Amanda heard a loud thud outside of the wall.

"They're here," Roger said.

"Who's here?" Amanda asked.

Roger didn't answer right away. He continued to look at the door.

"The navy seals," Roger said, "I work with the US government. They're here on a sting. I am their informant."

"It was you who made that website and spread the rumors?"


"And was you, who sent Brian with that guy to come after me?"

"Not exactly. Brian was only supposed to track you. Sometimes people act on their own accord."

Amanda was baffled. "At least try to learn your lesson?"

"No it's not like that," Roger started. There were muffled yelling and more loud, sharp sounds from the outside.

Roger grabbed Amanda and threw her to the ground, using himself to shield her. Some bullets pierced the wall and insulation. The Door wasn't attached to anything. It blew out completely, sending bits of Styrofoam and a plastic polymer everywhere.

The noise stopped.

Roger got up and made his way to the door.

Amanda was still weak and could not get herself up off of the floor. She could see Roger carefully make his way to the door. He opened while standing off to the side.

"Get on the ground!" Amanda could hear someone shout.

Roger put up his hands and lowered himself to the ground.

A man, clad in black and body armor, carrying a rifle comes around the corner. He looks at Amanda and walks over.

In spite of all of the armor and gear, she knew that she was safe.
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