Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Grave Truth

When Amanda came to, it appeared that she was out for only a few minutes. Brian was still looking at her, and she noticed the ringing wasn't as loud, but it still made things hard to hear or focus.

Amanda closed her eyes and concentrated on the ringing. Gradually, it quieted down. She replayed the attack over and over in her head. She didn't dare to think about the dream, knowing what would happen if she did.

She looked around. It resembled a living room or some form entertainment room.  She tried to look up the stairs, but the daylight that shone through the stairwell aggravated her headache.

"Where are we?" Amanda asked Brian, "What happened?"

Brian looked disappointed, but then he responded weakly, "A group of men attacked and kidnapped you and Todd. Now, we are on a boat. Rather, we are on a large yacht." He coughed. "Someone paid a lot to get you here."

"But what happened to you?" Amanda asked him.

Before Brian could answer, they heard from the top of the stairs.

"Three of my men are dead!" on voice yelled angrily.

"I told you it was unwise to approach her," another voice responded calmly. "It's likely you sped up the process. She probably will never remember where she put it. What's more, she'll probably be dead in a day or two.

Amanda recognized the voice, but only some of her memory returned. The rest was still vague at best.

"What are you talking about?!" 

"Your men, confronting her against my advice, sped up the tumor. She has no control over her energy and isn't able to heal herself. The tumor that killed us off is going to kill off the only hope we had for survival."

"But you can heal it."

"No, she is the only one who figured that out. Well, before you practically killed her."

There a loud yell and suddenly some gurgling.

"I did what I could, but you refused to listen to me," the calm voice said among the gurgling, "You chose to go against what I said, and now there are consequences."

The gurgling stopped and then there was a gasp for air.

"I may be able to extract some of her memory," the calm voice said, "but if there is too much damage, I may not be able to get anything."

"Then we go down," the other voice growled, "and we get that information."

Amanda heard Todd sputter. He was awake.

"No," The calm voice said, "All three are awake. The other two will block me. Bring the girl up into the padded room."

Amanda finally remembered who he was and realized that she would have to remind him.

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