Monday, June 12, 2017

The Vault

Amanda heard Brian sigh. After a moment of silence, he said, "The Natisiens should be done filling the vault. We need to be there to see it sealed."

Amanda agreed and followed Brian down a corridor to the underground cavern that housed the vault.

Two 7ft guards stood guard on both sides of the entrance. When they saw the pair, they immediately stopped talking to each other and stood in attention.

Brian and Amanda went into the vault. Flat crystals lined both walls. In the center were more of them above some storage containers. Light from the back of the room filtered through the crystals and created patterns of rainbow colors on the wall. All of their records, their mathematical and technology secrets stored here. All, except for one.

"We can't let anything get into the wrong hands," Brian said as he reached for her pendant. He studied it for a moment, then let it drop.

Amanda knew what he was insinuating. "I was assured that I would survive," Amanda said, devoid of emotion.

"What if he's wrong?" Brian asked.

Amanda remembered not caring. She remembered how she was no longer angry with Brian for his past deeds. As a matter of fact, she no longer cared about them.

In the next moment, Amanda was watching a large wall come up to her. The front of the vehicle that she was in crumbled. Flames engulfed the window before her.

She woke up. She was sitting upright and realized that her hands were tied behind her back. She looked to her right and saw Todd, unconscious. He was also sitting on a chair with his hands behind his back.

In front of her was Brian, looking worse than Todd, except he wasn't unconscious. Instead, he stared at her, as if waiting for something.

Amanda couldn't hear him. The ringing in her ears was too loud. She passed out.
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