Saturday, June 10, 2017


Amanda looked past the blue lady. Then back at her hand. At that moment, she knew what she had to do. The ringing in her ears was unbearable. She tried to look up at the box, but everything seemed to be darker.  She forced herself up with great difficulty. None of her limbs wanted to move.

A random flash of light. It was as if someone shined a flashlight into her eyes and moved on.

Amanda took a couple of steps. It was as if she was in a slow motion sequence. Her mind was going at normal speed, but her body moved as if someone slowed the video down.

Another random flash of light.

Amanda knew that she didn't have much time, but she couldn't reach the box. Each step seemed to get her nowhere. Her breathing was labored. Her footsteps echoed as if they weighed three times more than they did.

Then, she had a revelation. "It's just a dream," she told herself out loud. Then she closed her eyes and made herself closer to the box.

She opened her eyes, and for a moment, the ringing stopped, and she could move freely again. Right in front of her was the clear box held the pulsating orb. It was much smaller than it used to be.

She looked around and saw that she was still in a huge underground cavern. Over to her left, was the vault, wide open. It was still massive, and a multi-colored glow emanated from the opening as if a light was passing through a prism.

On seeing the vault, she became afraid again, and the ringing started. She realized that she would have to face what is in the vault or die.

She slid the flat crystal into the box and the box dissolved. The pulsating orb hit Amanda in the chest, and she fell back into blackness.
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