Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Back Up

Todd opened the door to his apartment.

Amanda walked in first and put her phone onto the peninsula counter. "Put your devices here."

They all obeyed.

As the five of them waited, he opened the door to his bedroom. The insulation was so thick that the door didn't open all the way.

"I was going to change the direction of the door," Todd said sounding apologetic as they entered the room sideways, one by one.

"Well," Amanda said, "There is something I need to tell you. I didn't want anyone outside of our circle to know this yet."

"It is about time," Brian said, "They should know this."

"Let her speak," Todd said, annoyed.

"For all intents and purposes," Amanda continued, "Zenthan is dead."

"How could an A.I. die?" Trisha asked.

"Well Zenthan became self-aware," Amanda said, "Sometime soon after Todd left."

"Why are you telling this to us now?" Roger asked.

Amanda looked at all of them.

"I backed up his memories," Amanda said.

Trisha and Todd gasped.

"I thought you only backed up his core memory," Brian said, and he pointed to her pendant.

"No," Amanda said. "The Ostosiens insisted that I back all of it up."

"What are they planning?" Brian said, suspiciously. Amanda could sense that Todd was also agitated.

"They think that there might be strays from the last battle," Amanda explained.

"You believe that they can make it here?" Brian asked, "We had a hard enough time getting here ourselves. I don't trust what the Ostosiens say. Not after what happened."

"I don't know," Amanda said, "But, just in case, we need to get the rest of the crystals."

"Where are they?" Todd asked.


Todd groaned and facepalmed. "We were just there."

"Maybe we can talk to the agents in retrieving them?" Trisha mentioned helpfully.

"I don't know," Amanda said. "I'm not sure if I want anyone to pick up the box other than one of us. My foster family is selling their house. I could go to help them out."

"I could go with Roger," Stanley said, "You'll just have to give me the exact location."

Amanda noticed something was off with Roger. Instead of standing upright and looking attentive, he was leaning against the wall staring at the floor. After a moment, he straightened up and looked at Amanda.

"We might need to wait until the excitement dies down again," Todd said.

They all murmured in agreement.

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