Saturday, July 22, 2017

End of Time - Soon

Amanda dismissed the group.  She exited first and waited at the door while everyone walked out. Brian stopped before leaving.

"I was so relieved when I found out you were still alive," Brian said.

"We all were,"  Trisha called out. She already with Stanley near the apartment entrance. Brian nodded.

Amanda felt his fear.  The same fear she felt the day she left the vault.  She put her hand on his shoulder.

"Brian," She said, "I'm not dead yet. As long as I'm alive, there's still a chance I can get rid of the tumor."

Brian put his hand on hers and nodded. Then he left.

Roger was the last out of the room. She stopped him.

"How much time?" She asked.

Roger stopped. "You noticed?"

"Yeah," Amanda said.

"There's no telling," Roger said, "I've lived a long life. It shouldn't be long, now."

"That's why you asked me to teach you."

"I knew you would need help to get back up to your old self. I just wanted to be able to buy myself some time."

"Perhaps we should go to the countryside today. Find a spot with no people, and maybe I can try to relearn some of my talents. After all, I'm also on borrowed time."

Roger nodded.

Todd stood behind Amanda. She turned to him.

"We need to go out. We'll get an Uber and go to the countryside, and I'll try to see how much I can remember."

"You don't need me to go with you?"

Amanda walked up to him and put her hand gently on his arm. "I need you here. You are supposed to be building manager, remember?"

She then kissed him on his cheek and left the apartment. She passed Stanley and Trisha, who were obviously enjoying each other's company. Amanda took her phone out and ordered an Uber.

Roger, who was watching the couple for a few minutes leaned over to Amanda and said, "How much do you want to bet we will be celebrating a union tomorrow?"

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