Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Losing Control

Amanda and Roger reached the apartment complex in good spirits. That changed, however, as soon as they got out of the car.

Amanda sensed that something was wrong. She could tell once she got inside the apartment complex. Everyone seemed to be on edge.  Mr. Carter was standing in the doorway, looking concerned.

"Where is everyone?" Amanda asked Mr. Carter.

"Brian and Todd were yelling at each other again," Mr. Carter said. "Then they left. Boris and Camellia followed them."

"Probably to find some isolated place," Roger said.

"Where's Trisha and Stanley?" Amanda asked.

As if on cue, Stanley ran down the hall.

"Amanda, I am so glad to see you," Stanley said.

"Why haven't you gone with them?" Amanda asked.

"Because Trisha and I support you, but you weren't here to make it official."

"You do realize that you put Todd's life at risk, right?"

Stanley looked down. "He insisted."

Amanda put her hand on his shoulder. In spite of everyone willing to listen to her, there was no second in command. Either someone takes charge, or no one does, creating chaos and confusion.

She looked at Mr. Carter.

"Get your car and meet me out front. Stanley, you need to get Trisha."

They all nodded and left.

"You don't think that they're going to," Roger started.

"Knowing those two, yes," Amanda said solemnly, "Yes they are, and we don't have any time."

They ran outside to Mr. Carter's waiting car. Amanda directed Stanley to sit in the front seat. The two women and Roger sat in the back.

"Stanley," she said as they got in, "It's been awhile. I need you to see if you can sense where they are and direct Mr. Carter where to go."

Stanley nodded. Closed his eyes for a moment then opened them.

"Go North," He said, and Mr. Carter drove.

"You don't think Brian will actually kill Todd, do you?" Trisha asked. "They are brothers after all."

"The Creator wills," Amanda said, "I hope not."

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