Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Never Lost

The seats in the SUV were facing each other. Amanda then realized that they were in a state car.

Roger and Brian sat across from Stanley, Amanda, and Todd. Amanda could feel Todd still seething from whatever fight he had with Brian. She knew she would have to address this later, but at the moment, she had more important things on her mind.

She put her hand onto Todd's hand, and he looked at her. She could feel his anger melt.

"Roger," She said sadly, "My pendant is missing."

Brian's anger immediately turned to panic, but Roger put his hand up.

"It's okay," Roger said, "It's right here." He leaned to his right and pulled out her laptop bag. He sat on it when he hurriedly climbed into the vehicle.

"You got everything," Amanda said, relieved.

Roger rustled through her bag for a moment and pulled out her pendant. Then he dropped it into Amanda's outstretched hand.

Brain relaxed, and he sat back in the seat. "So now, are you going to explain that to them?"

"What?" Amanda said. She motioned with her eyes to the driver and security detail that was with them in the front seat. "It's just a pendant that Trisha made me a long time ago."

Brian got the hint and didn't say anything more.

Amanda leaned up against Todd and thought out, "Test."

Neither the driver or the security guard flinched.

"We need an insulated room," Amanda thought.

"I got one," Todd thought back.

"No discussions about anything until we get there," Amanda thought.

They all remained silent the rest of the two-hour ride.

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