Sunday, July 16, 2017


"Wait, no speech?" Agent Cohen said.

"When we understand each other, we don't need speeches," Amanda responded.

Moments after they were acknowledged, everyone dispersed to do their own thing. Trisha went back to helping another Inersien move into their apartment. There was still some tension between Todd and Brian, but they kept themselves restrained for the moment.

"So, if I understand this properly," Cohen said, "You have this level thing going on?"

"Well," Amanda said, "Used to. We have no means to level anyone at the moment."

"Okay, If I got this right from talking with Todd, The strongest ones have to be in charge."

"Well, for the most part," Amanda said, "but-"

"So the strongest would be the leader, right?"

"Not exactly," Amanda looked at Trisha who was directing Boris in moving a large piece of furniture.  "Inersiens who are artists usually aren't that strong. However, because they are more likely to be empathetic and see things from an unusual perspective, they make good leaders. Traditionally, they pick a strong advisor to help."

Roger handed Amanda her bag, and she opened it to check its contents.

"Or they pick a strong husband," Stanley said.

"Well, it's common for a lower level Inersien to choose a higher one. They balance each other out," Amanda added without looking up.

"Looks like someone's smitten," Cohen said as he left to follow Gibson out.

Amanda looked at Stanley. He was watching Trisha. He was clearly enamored.

"Well," Amanda said to him, "What are you waiting for? Go over and talk to her."

Stanley looked at her for a moment then back at Trisha.

"I should, shouldn’t I?" He said, and he walked over.

Todd came up to Amanda. "Well," he said, "There's a pairing waiting to happen."

"What are the odds," Amanda said, "That a pairing would happen so soon."

Right after the words were out of her mouth, there was an awkward silence. Then Amanda said, "You told me you have an insulated room?"

"Yes," Todd said, "I did. It's my bedroom. Actually, I've done several bedrooms so far."

Amanda nodded and motioned towards Stanley and Trisha. "We'll let them talk for a bit, then I need you, Brian, Roger, Stanley, and Trisha in that room."

"Of course," Todd said.

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