Thursday, July 20, 2017

Protective Gear

While everyone was discussing how to get the crystals, Amanda noticed something in the corner of her eye.

One of the drawers in Todd's dresser wasn't fully closed. A small piece of dark cloth hung out. Amanda recognized it and pulled the drawer open.

Brian scoffed. "You brought your leadership clothing here?"

"That's all I had!" Todd snapped back.

"No," Amanda said softly as she stroke the smooth, silk-like cloth. "It's good that he brought it."

Amanda pulled one of the pieces out. It was a hooded cape.

"I think I found our first trade," Amanda said.

Brian and Todd cooled off.

"Yeah, I think the humans won't want to help us for nothing," Brian said.

"Besides," Todd added, "If they can reproduce this, we can solve the room shrinkage problem."

They all laughed. It was true. Todd's room is three quarters of its normal size thanks to the insulation.

Amanda folded the cape. Then she held in her hands, brushing the fabric lightly. "We may need to change our style, too."

Everyone in the room became quiet. Amanda put the cape back into the drawer.

"Is there anything else we need to discuss?" Amanda said.

"Moving?" Roger said.

Amanda sighed. "Let's not talk about that until we hear from the agents again. In the meantime, you cannot cast thoughts outside of any insulated room."

"I've already told Mr. Carter to bring in humans that have an ethnic background," Stanley said, understanding where the conversation was going.

"Well then, we must inform the others. We don't want to be discovered by the local population." Amanda said.

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