Thursday, July 6, 2017


"What's a 'sensitive?'" Agent Paul Cohen asked nervously.

"Some humans can pick up on our energy, thoughts, and emotions," Todd explained, "although not necessarily all three."

"Yeah, well," Master Chief said, sounding dismissive, "We have more important things to talk about." He motioned towards the agents. "Cohen, Gibson, what do you have for us right now."

Agent Randall Gibson cleared his throat. "We have a small problem," he said. "It appears that the apartment complex we set you up in is now under scrutiny."

"Oh?" Todd leaned forward in his seat. "How is that?"

"Well, complaints are starting to come in for discrimination," Cohen responded.

"Oh," Amanda said quietly, "right."

Todd looked at her, waiting for an explanation.

"Well," Amanda said, "Where we are from, there's not enough sunlight to cause our skin to develop enough melanin to darken us."

"But we know that there are some here that are not full Inersiens," Gibson said, "You couldn't find someone that has an ethnic family background?"

Brian scoffed.

Amanda and Todd looked at him.

"Well," Todd said, "We only found a few. It was a short search." He looked back at the agents. "We need more time."

"I'm afraid there is no more time," Gibson said. "The city wants to do an investigation on Carter for unfair housing practices."

"This is ridiculous!" Brian exclaimed, "Humans are humans. There's no difference! Why would you force them to be-"

"Brian!" Amanda said sternly.

Brian stopped and looked at her in shock. Todd and Stanley were also surprised at her commanding tone. Roger sat back with his arms crossed, looking smugly at Brian.

Amanda's head started to hurt. She put her hand on her head.

"I know that there are empty apartments," Amanda said, "maybe we can get a few in there now to curb the suspicion."

"Amanda," Todd said, "We run the risk of being discovered. We don't know if they're sensitives until after we exchange thoughts."

Amanda nodded, "We can move." She was starting to feel sleepy again. She can feel Todd put his arm on her back. She can feel a little energy come her way.

She took a deep breath. "Maybe to a town that's dying in the Midwest."

Gibson nodded. "I could arrange for one of our cover companies to start buying houses. Then we can start moving your people out there."

"I already have a town in mind," Cohen said, "It's in Texas."

"Well, that is a bit hot," Brian said.

"Why don't we look at our options first," Amanda said, "I know we don't have a lot of time, but I don't want to move only to have to move again."

Master Chief Taylor cleared his throat.

"What happens when there are a lot of you together," Taylor said. "You don't plan on …"

"Again," Brian interrupted, annoyed. "We are not like that. We are here because of that assumption-"

Brian stopped and looked at Amanda who was looking wearily at him.

"With all due respect," Amanda said turning back to Taylor, "you watch too many super heroes, villain movies."

"Well then," Master Chief said, "You will be home soon. Hopefully, we'll get this sorted out soon. Y'all will wait in your quarters until we come get you."

All of the people in the room stood up. Amanda could sense the Master Chief's hostility. She grabbed Todd's arm.

"Get these people an escort to their quarters," Taylor said to the Petty Officer.

"I wanted to be able to talk to you alone," She thought to Todd.

"Humor him," Todd thought back, "We'll be home soon."

They both looked at Paul who was staring at them. Then he shook his head and headed out of the room.

Five sailors walked the room and escorted each of the Inersiens to their quarters on different parts of the ship.

When Amanda got to her room, she wasn't sleepy anymore. Todd had given her enough energy to wake her up.

She sat on her bed. She had no phone, no internet, and no paper and pencil.

Then she realized that she was trying to "run" from what's important again. She laid down on her bed, closed her eyes, and tried to call up as many memories as she could.

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