Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Master Chief Taylor didn't wait.

"First of all," He said, "We now know that the weapon is destroyed. If you want to find out how you'll have to discuss it with each other on your own time." He motioned to Amanda.

Roger was relieved. Brian, who knew more about what happened, stared at Amanda. She knew that he didn't believe her. Instead of becoming defensive, she just looked at Stanley. He was watching the Officer.

Amanda will have to talk to Brian when they are alone.

It bothered her that Amanda recognized Stanley but couldn't remember where she saw him before.

"So you call yourselves Inersh-ans?" Master Chief asked.

"Inersiens," Todd corrected him.

"Isn't that what I said?" Taylor asked.

Stanley, who was sitting next to Todd whispered, "Accent."

"Sorry," Todd said nodding.

"Zonstan!" Amanda blurted.

"Excuse me?" Master Chief Taylor said sounding a little indignant.

Brian scoffed. Todd put his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. Stanley blushed and turned away.

The two agents looked confused.

Amanda realized what happened and blushed. "Oh," she exclaimed, "I am so sorry."

Agent Cohen laughed.

"How often is this going to happen?" Taylor didn't find it funny.

"Hopefully, not again," Amanda said quietly. "I'm still recovering. I'm sorry."

At least now she remembered who Stanley was. She remembered the day his father died of the brain tumor. Stanley was six. He and his mother were one of the first Inersiens to disappear.

"How many are there of you?" Master Chief asked.

"As far as we can tell," Todd said, "the ones at the Apartment complex are the ones that we know about."

"So there's probably more," Taylor said.

"Well," Roger said slowly, "It is possible that there are a few that have amnesia. I'm sure that Amanda isn't the only one."

Amanda looked down at her hands.

"You mean that there's more of her?" Master Chief asked.

"Well," Todd said, "not like her specifically." Amanda looked up at Todd.

"She's a high-level Inersien. Most are fairly low level."

"So we won't have one go nuclear on us again?"

"We are not like that," Brian snapped, "It was your people who refuse to listen!"

"Calm," Amanda directed her thought to Brian. "They don't understand."

Master Chief opened his mouth to respond when suddenly, Todd, Stanley, Brian, Roger, and Amanda looked at Paul Cohen. He looked a little uncomfortable.

"Then there are the sensitives," Todd said.

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