Saturday, July 8, 2017

That Voice

"Get undressed," a voice said. Amanda couldn't see who was saying it, but she knew who it was.

"What? Why?" She asked.

“If you are found naked, they are more likely to help you.”

She remembered the dream about this very moment, mixed with other memories. Now that she had her memories, she can think of the moment again accurately.

Amanda saw a view of space through the window. Through all of the space debris floating, she saw a planet.  She suddenly had a deep sense of loss.

The door behind her opened. She turned to see an Ostosien in human form walk into the room. He was holding an open storage box. In a small compartment were four tubes that each contained a flat crystal. Next to it was a smaller box that had wires protruding out of it.

"Why? You'll wear yourself out," Amanda said.

"I know," The Ostosien said, "My brothers and I thought this form would be more relatable."

Amanda began unbuttoning her protective cape. The Ostosien set the open box down and waited until she had her clothes off.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"There's nothing I want to remember about this place. It's too-" Amanda stopped. After all of these years, she couldn't control her emotions well. She glanced at her cape, now on the ground.

The Ostosien put his hand on her shoulder. "You don't have to hide from us."

Amanda cleared her throat. "Make sure my clothing is in the box. I'll set the code so that only another Inersien who understands what it is can open it."

The Ostosien put something around her neck.

"What?!" Amanda said, "This is supposed to go into the box. With the rest of it."

The Ostosien let go of the necklace. Her pendant dropped to her chest. "You'll have to trust me," he said.

The Ostosiens were to drop her off in a small capsule on earth in one of the lakes. Just before, they put a thirty-minute "time bomb" of sorts in her brain. She had to get to shore and hide the box. Then she had to cause injury to herself to make it look like someone attacked her before her memories start to fade.

By the time Amanda reached the shore, it was almost dark. The sun was already below the horizon, casting a bright orange glow over the Adirondacks in the far distance.

Amanda almost put her pendant into the box, but she started to feel light-headed and realized that she didn't have time. She buried the box, then telekinetically picked up a rock and sent it soaring to her head.

She thought she saw a light whiz by in the distance and stumbled down the steep hill, hitting a few trees on the way.

By the time she walked out onto the smooth asphalt, she no longer knew who she was. The the rest played out like it did in the dream.

Amanda sighed. She knew she had to apologize to everyone. She put them in the mess they are in now.

She instinctively put her hand to her chest, but the pendant was gone.

She began to panic. How could she not know it was missing.

If there were any hope of going back, it was gone now.

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